Short Essay On Importance Of Computer Education

I perform and I remember.” a tiring topic like “influence of Latin on English literature”, can be made very lucid if explained through presentation software like Power Point or animation software like Flash.

Computer aided teaching is a fun way to learn today, it facilitates the interaction between teacher and student.

Information storage-large chunk of data finds its way in a mini USB drive. notes, answers, presentations, projects all just can be compiled and then can be stored into a hard disk.

A 500GB hard disk drive is sufficient to store all the books of Library of Congress, the U. Students and teacher alike can get benefited from judicious use of computer.

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Now, a small trader to a travel agent can run their business in a more purposeful and integrated way-thanks to computer application software.

Many distant learning technical and mainstream courses are there, which helps students to learn at their convenient timings.

Development has been a major quest of people’s lives for quite some time.

That’s why one of my colleagues once jokingly remarked that if you don’t have any computer knowledge, you are going to be rubbished.

In the last two or three decades, computer and ICT (information and communication technology) has revolutionized the way we work, the way we think and even the way we breathe.

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