Short Essay On Environment In Kannada

If environmental degradation continues at the present rate, mankind is bound to perish one day or another.It is, therefore, imperative to take measures for protecting and minimizing if not totally eliminating, pollution of the environment. It includes everything that is around, above and below us.Air, water, plant and animal life is all included in the environment.The environment bill 1986 passed by Parliament in May 1986, would enable co-ordination of activities of various regulatory agencies, creation of an authority with adequate powers to protect the environment and “deterrent” punishment to those endangering.It is hoped that with the strict implementation of the bill, the needed efforts to protect our environment would be forthcoming.

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Contemporary pessimism, however, goes far beyond this traditional worry about the state of affairs, Its new aspect is the assumption that our descendants will be even worse off than we are, because the world will have become too complex for comprehension by the human brain, These developments, together with the recklessly wasteful use of world’s limited resources by the advanced market economies, even at the cost of damaging the eco-system and denying the poor countries the succor they need desperately, and the disconcerting experience of half-baked modernization plans, which have distorted both priorities of development and living mores in large parts of the Third World This is how environment is polluted by human activity.It is responsibility of the international community to protect the environment from pollution.It is gratifying that some action is being taken, though belatedly, in our country to identify problems connected with environment.During the last decade, there has been five-fold increase in the incidence of blood cancer and lymph node cancer.Nearly 53 percent of India’s total land area is subject to serious environment degradation.National calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, famines, epidemics, etc., because great suffering to human being.But man’s most effective enemy is man himself because he is himself responsible for polluting the environment in which he lives.The human tragedies resulting from unemployment may lead industrial societies to reconsider that, except for the dullest, most repetitive and painful tracks, human beings are better than machines-and certainly more creative.If we are to cut ten trees to make a road, it should be imperative to raise twenty around to compensate the loss.These include such chemicals or substances which do not form part of the natural cycles but are gradually building up in the environment.Man is an essential part of the highly complex web of living organisms which we can call biosphere and, therefore, harm done to any part of the biosphere would reflect on human welfare. It is no longer, feasible to ignore the alto ignore the alarming nature of India’s environmental conditions Seventy per cent of all the available water in India is polluted.

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