Short Essay Describe Your Favorite Food

It is also rich in water, cellulose and green leaves are rich in water and cellulose, therefore it is a treatment for constipation.Arrange the onion and cut it small, with garlic, and put a little Margarine with corn oil, and put in a suitable pot and put it on fire until the onion become yellow.Put the taro in the pot on the fire in with two tablespoons of corn oil for 5 minutes while moving it fast.Add the soup, with salt, and the spices with the addition of lemon juice and let it boiled for 30-40 mins.

It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, which protects against skin infections, and is rich in minerals such iron and magnesium.

While writing about a dish may seem a piece of cake for those who enjoy cooking, it can be a burden for those who prefer eating out.

They often wonder what they should write after they name their favorite dish if they don’t even know how to cook it.

However, there is a simple way to describe your favorite food even if you don’t have the recipe - ask the chefs of your favorite diner for more information.

If you like a certain dish in a diner/café/restaurant, you might ask them to tell you more about the ways it can be prepared.

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