Short Essay About Smoking Effect

Cigarettes contain tobacco which, in turn, possesses nicotine and different other toxic chemicals.These chemicals cause blood vessel to be narrower than normal.Being around tobacco smoke is bad for you, even if it's someone else's smoke.When someone smokes a cigarette, most of the smoke doesn't go into their lungs.

Cigarettes causes deterioration in quality of blood and increases cholesterol level, at times, also creates clots in the heart.The effect of increased level of cholesterol and creation of clots in blood is also heart attack as well as impacting other parts of body.The combination of carbon monoxide and nicotine especially in cigarettes causes increase heart rate and strained heart blood vessels.Eventually, these changes can make you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.Kids are particularly at risk for the effects of secondhand smoke because their bodies are still growing and they breathe at a faster rate than adults.Heart then has to work more for maintaining supply to the entire human body.The blood vessels are narrowed causing high blood pressure.It cuts off supply of oxygen to other parts of human body including hands and feet, and limbs.These causes have grave effects on entire human body and increase chances of death.In some extraordinary cases, the blood gets thicker from the proliferation of such cells and ultimately cuts off the supply of blood to critical organs with fatal results.Smoking causes a person's heart to run in overdrive and ultimately there is a shortage of oxygen in heart.

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