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If you are a gun enthusiast who enjoys teaching others, a shooting range might be the right business for you.

While you must obtain a number of licenses and permits, if you are knowledgeable about gun-safety issues, it shouldn't be difficult.

Let the indoor ranges cater to the coffee mocha latte with extra caramel set and focus on the long gun and outdoor pistol shooters.

Build basic covered shooting stands on a covered shooting line and an office/shop/store.

Once completed, become an NRA instructor, unless you intend to hire instructors to teach your classes (see Resources). Buy handguns, rifles, paintball guns, paintballs, masks, earplugs, safety goggles, ammunition, targets of various sizes, trap and skeet targets (for an outdoor range) and cleaning supplies (see Resources).

Purchase custom T-shirts, hats and infant bodysuits with your logo to sell to satisfied customers.

From someone who has done environmental work and who is a shooter I can weigh in.

For outdoor ranges you have environmental concerns relating to lead contamination of the soil.

If you do not have a background in firearms, consider enrolling in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program.

There are a number of restrictions regarding where you can open a shooting range, the times you can operate it and what you must have in your range.

Determine if you will start an indoor or outdoor shooting range.

Consider putting in vending machines, because customers may spend hours at your range.

Become knowledgeable about guns and shooting, if you are not already.

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