Shelton Fire Prevention Essay

“ The fire that razed Chicago in the summer of 1871 was a conflagration that spread about nine square kilometers destroying property and killing hundreds of people (Ethington, 2002).Reports indicate that the fire begun in the night of October 8 when a cow owned by Catherine and Patrick O’Leary kicked a lantern that was burning in the barn.Survey reports after the fire indicated vividly that the damage caused by the raging fire damaged dozens of property within a width of one kilometer and a length of approximately six kilometers.

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In addition, the paper examines fire prevention that would have been set in place to avoid massive fire outbreak of that nature and magnitude.Fire forms one of the most destructive and distressing aspects in the modern times due to its related losses to an individual, organization, and the country as a whole.In the year 2008 alone, the United States fire department noted that it had responded to about 1,451,500 fires in the country that resulted to 3,320 fatalities and over US $ 5,478,000,000 worth of property in terms of losses (Ethington, 2002).Being a windy night and coupled with some human agency, the fire quickly spread to the neighborhood destroying everything on its wake.However, other reports on the origin of the fire point out that the cow story was not the cause of the fire.In addition, preparedness guarantees the needed security and prevention measures which is needed to promote higher levels of productivity.Due to the fire outbreak in Chicago, measures have been put in place to prevent another occurrence of the same.The fire spread to all corners of the city engulfing tall church buildings, theatres, the opera house, Chicago City Hall, department stores and hotels.When the winds and wood diminished, the fire ceased having wiped out 34 blocks from O’Leary property to the northern side Fullerton Avenue.Most of them were made of wood designs and were closely packed.Besides, there had been a drought in the land and most things were dried.

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