Shakespeare Twelfth Night Essay On Love

Olivia has shut herself away from the world in grief, planning to avoid any suitors while she mourns the death of her brother for seven years.While coming from very different emotional places, Orsino and Olivia are also similar in their removal from the world.presents a duality of loss and love embodied in the pairing of characters—twins as well as lovers.Comedy, as a genre, moves from a place of disorder to order—a community that is off-kilter moves toward social stability embodied in the uniting of a married couple. ” Benedick exclaims in is no exception to this expectation of comedies. The full title “Twelfth Night or What You Will” hints at both the raucous, comical aspects of the story and the deeper, more difficult questions about love and desire.The scene moves from prose to verse—Shakespeare’s signal that both women begin to speak more genuinely and from the heart as the rhythm of verse mimics a heartbeat.And here’s the irony—Olivia is drawn to the authentic in Viola even as Viola is disguised in the false persona of Cesario.

The story takes place in Illyria—a place of emotional disconnection and dysfunction.

Viola is the perfect person to challenge their isolation.

Unlike Orsino, she is determined to find a way into Olivia’s house.

Twelfth Night was the final celebration of the Christmas season (as in “The 12 Days of Christmas”); the day was celebrated with parties and performances and involved a temporary subversion of status, as whoever acted as the “lord of misrule” could act as king for the night and tell everyone what to do.

The play’s second title is perhaps the one closer Shakespeare’s intention as it embraces more of the story: “What you will” or “What you want or desire.”We do not choose whom we love—and that means that love can inspire more questions than answers at times.

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