Shainin Problem Solving

I have worked with many clients in which Shainin problem solving skills allows the Green Belts or Black Belts to find and eradicate root causes of problem faster with fewer resources.Shainin is particularly powerful in the Analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC.Savings and cost avoidance exceeded one million dollars annually.

Combining Y to X strategy and "talking to the parts" technique provides a very powerful problem solving strategy.Using the Shainin Y to X approach, progressive search and "talk-to-the-parts" investigative technique, the Red X was quickly found to be surface imperfection of the sealing interface which was causing the leaks.The Red X was confirmed with statistical confidence and controlled within a few days, allowing the plant to resume normal productions.Shainin also combines the Y to X approach with "talking-to-the parts" technique by forcing the parts to reveal the insights and clues to the nature of the problem.As you know, most tough problems often involve interactions that are not yet understood or recognized through experience alone.I specialize in providing problem solving expertise to solve urgent, critical and chronic manufacturing and technical problems.Earlier in my career, I also worked as Master Black Belt and Shainin Red X Master for seven years with Delphi Corporation and General Motors, where I trained teams to solve chronic technical problems.Clue generation tools such as Component Search, Group Comparison, Pair Comparison are used to converge on the Red X. W confirmation test is then used to confirm the Red X.Tolerance Parallelogram is used to set the proper tolerance. Several years ago, I was involved in a brake leaks case.Shainin uses a radically different approach which is called the Y to X (or Effect to Cause) to converge on the root cause.This is a huge paradigm shift of the traditional approach of X to Y, which is listing of potential causes (Xs) through brainstorming and engineering judgment then test to see if the Xs have an effect on the Y. Like reverse engineering, it starts out with a well defined effect, Y, which is a measured response that has engineering leverage and reveals insight into the physics of the failure.

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