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Travel with a new perspective “Participants on Alternative Spring Break get an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.They have an opportunity to learn more about issues, people and areas with which they often have no prior experience,” says Claude Bartholomew, five-year advisor of Emerson College’s ASB program located in Boston, Massachusetts.Maybe it’s a hike through the Amazon or a safari in South Africa. We think it’s a major mistake for you to be writing about such topics in your college essays. We’ve been saying it for years and yet, year after year, students send us their college essays boasting of their extensive travel throughout the world.

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But, I’m guessing that there are a lot more essays that produce eye-rolls, giggles and gasps of “not again.” So how do you make your essay famous instead of infamous?

ASB trips can focus on a wide range of social issues: from working in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter to rebuilding trails in national parks; there is much to benefit from and learn while on a service-oriented break.

Though it may seem like a big commitment to give up your spring break, here are five benefits from joining your school’s ASB program that'll change your mind.

Inevitably, the more selective private institutions with their growing pools of high-performing applicants tend to review applications more holistically and, therefore, place the most emphasis on non-quantitative elements such as the personal statement.

Given the opaque but obviously significant role of personal essays in American applications, it is not surprising that a recent blog post that revealed essays written by students admitted to Columbia’s class of 2017 elicited the vitriolic response that it did.

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