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Sun Microsystems, the developer of Java, also refers to the JSP technology as the Servlet application program interface (API).

JSP is comparable to Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology.

Let’s assume that all those searches will lead to the clustered index scans and since the index scan reads all rows in the table the cost of the query is proportional to the total number of rows in the table and our goal is to minimize the number of IO operations and reduce the cost of the search.

Let’s see the example on the table the result set that a scan count is 5 and represents a number of times that the table was accessed during the query, and that we had 113,288 logical reads that represent the total number of page accesses needed to process the query: As indicated, every page is read from the data cache, whether or not it was necessary to bring that page from disk into the cache for any given read.

Tables are horizontally partitioned based on a column which will be used for partitioning and the ranges associated to each partition.

Partitioning column is usually a datetime column but all data types that are valid for use as index columns can be used as a partitioning column, except a timestamp column.

The ntext, text, image, xml, varchar(max), nvarchar(max), or varbinary(max), Microsoft .

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However, if you have, for example, a table with a lot of data that is not accessed equally, tables with data you want to restrict access to, or scans that return a lot of data, vertical partitioning can help.

The main of goal of partitioning is to aid in maintenance of large tables and to reduce the overall response time to read and load data for particular SQL operations.

Vertical table partitioning is mostly used to increase SQL Server performance especially in cases where a query retrieves all columns from a table that contains a number of very wide text or BLOB columns.

Assuming that ~95% of users are searching on the part of the report name, number, etc.

and that only ~5% of requests are opening the reports description field and looking to the description.

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