Selected Essays Of Elia By Charles Lamb

Lamb was always surrounded by great writers which helped him nurture his interest in writing.

His debut book titled ‘Poems on Various Subjects’ which was a collection of four poems failed to fascinate the masses.

Charles went to work, and after a couple of false starts he landed a job at the East India House where he worked as an accountant.

His work was dull and boring, but it provided stability that was necessary in his life.

He further wrote many adaptations including ‘The Adventures of Ulysses’ and ‘Specimens of English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare’.

His most notable works were ‘Essays of Elia’ and ‘On the Tragedies of Shakespeare’.

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Go through the notable quotes and thoughts by Charles Lamb, the distinguished essayist and poet of all times.His mother and father's employer, Samuel Salt, Esquire, was responsible for assuring Lamb's education.Salt sponsored both of the Lamb boys' educations and like his brother, Charles attended Christ's Hospital School when he was seven.In 1795, he was so distressed over another love interest lost that he had himself committed to an asylum for the mentally insane for six weeks.In a letter, he told Coleridge that he 'was indeed mad, but he is better now.' The second major event that dramatically impacted his life was when his sister, Mary Lamb--who was ten years older than Charles and had been taking care of him for years--stabbed their mother to death, in a fit of madness. The courts didn't send her to an asylum, but rather put Charles in charge of her well-being.He went on to write short articles for various newspapers and faced some more failures before writing his first notable work titled ‘Tales from Shakespeare’ written for children.It was a simple adaptation of Shakespeare’s stories with a mixture of his critical views.It's a classic 'The One That Got Away' story, really.Charles' luck with love didn't improve much as the years went on.He was an engaging and thoughtful writer who captured the Romantic period completely.He was unsuccessful at love, but his friendships were many and valued.

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