Secret Santa Assigner

I enjoy buying little gifts for all the cousins, but here is the key: I don’t try to shoot the moon.I tend to grab a nice little book, or a fun little game.Enter the names of the people you’re celebrating with and let our Secret Santa organizer do the rest of the work.

So I’m not really overly motivated to change much because frankly, I come out the same either way.

• Select the email stationery • Create an event and set cost of the gift • Pick contacts from your address book, or enter their details • Optionally decide who must or must not buy for other guests • Secret Santa then magically assigns gift givers • Notify guest by email or SMS, or export as a PDF (SMS / PDF require IAP) • Add a Wish List so your guests can let their gift giver what they'd like (requires IAP) • Not just for Christmas… Everything worked great, including adding people from my contacts, choosing who needs to buy for a certain person or not to buy for.

So what that I know who has me...someone has to be the administrator. You can always go back to picking names from a hat if your upset about knowing who has you.

The last step sends an email to each person added, but I kept getting an error message that my phone can’t send emails.

I checked all my settings and my mail app is set up with an account but it still wouldn’t work.

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