Second Language Acquisition And Second Language Learning Thesis

L2 learners’ perceptions and preferences of automated corrective feedback.

Effects of computer assisted learning instructions on reading achievement among middle school English language learners.

Migrant adult learners and digital literacy: Using DBR to support teaching and learning.

Effects of different types of annotations on college students’ foreign language learning in the synchronous multimodal computer-mediated communication environment.

Maximizing feedback for language learning: English language learners’ attention, affect, cognition and usage of computer-delivered feedback from an English language reading proficiency assessment.

(Doctoral Dissertation, University of Toronto (Canada)).

Comparing the effects of traditional face-to-face, technology-based, and blended instructional strategies in a post-secondary Spanish language learning environment.

Korean university EFL student perspectives of smartphone applications (apps) as tools for language learning: An action research study.

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This list has been updated with an eye towards providing working links to actual dissertation texts. Transformative learning in an interculturally-inclusive online community.

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