Seafood Business Plan

Also, the storage areas, delivery equipment, transport vehicles, etc., all follow the proper hygiene norms.

It is important and mandatory that you and all your employees attend the workshops for food safety held by the State government.

Ensure that the paint from the walls is not chipping and falling or there is no mold on the walls of the facility. The health department of your state will inspect your facility from time to time.

Hence, ensure that the surfaces used to keep the fish are clean.

You can also opt for a franchise to start the wholesale seafood business.

Before starting the business, contact your local, state, and federal authorities to know about the licenses, permits, clearances and permissions, tax registrations and receipts, inspections, rules and regulations, etc., for starting a wholesale seafood business.

The requirements for this license will vary from state to state. You should also become a member of the United States Department of Commerce's HACCP seafood program.

Ensure that your seafood business is inspected and regulated by the U. Read the 'Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance' issued by the Food and Drug Administration that's easily available on its website to get information about its storage, distribution, and handling.

This Business Zeal article will give you essential tips to start such a business.Know about the transport, cold storage, packaging, cleanliness requirements, etc.In order to arrange for finance, you can avail an SBA loan, bank loan, or a credit union loan.Also, lack of proper safety and sanitation at the place where you will operate can affect the health of your employees.Hence, it is important that the place is cleaned and sanitized from time to time.Know about the composition of your target market, its location, and the means to reach it.Plan how you will be getting the seafood to sell and fix its quantity and price.Have a foolproof business plan in place for the success of your venture.Calculate the budget which will be needed to start the business and know where to source it from.As you will be dealing in a wholesale seafood business, your business location will attract a lot of cold storage vehicles for transportation.Consult your city or county zoning commission to know about the zoning requirements and restrictions in the area where you intend to operate.

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