Sea Of Poppies Essay

I speak of a general sense of having been caught up like pawns in a chess game, like minor characters in the determined world of a tragedy.I don’t suggest that no person had agency, but the larger was nonetheless of being ruled.But with new properties there came a great number of dependants who had all to be fed and maintained; much of the new land proved to be uncultivable, and the new houses quickly became an additional drain since the Raja would not suffer them to be rented”.(86-87) In a country like India, the origin of capitalism becomes hard to extricate from its colonial history.For Deeti and her lot, the idea of not producing what one needs, in order to survive, was alien.Furthermore, because the new set of superstructural apparatuses which would revolve around a money/market based system had not yet evolved, they were stuck in an in-between zone of discomfort.

But having said that, it is true, I think, that they are unable to gain a reasonable grasp over the swift changes that engulf their lives.

The narratives of theocracy, nationalism, state and when investigated at one discrete moment, of resistance are examples of what I call monologic discourses.

A novelistic ontology is different from if not opposed to the sphere that any monologic discourse occupies (as Kundera indicates in the first chapter of ).

Alienation which starts with man’s relation with the larger world, seeps into his very existence, all his relationships; and “drug abuse” as the twentieth century teaches us is a good way of escaping it, or at least a good way of attempting such an escape.

Whether it is Deeti’s lame husband or the disillusioned skipper of the, opium is the most easily available cure for alienation.

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