Science Resistance Coursework

What you see is, of course, a result of thousands of hours of training, but there is also a bit of tricky science in it too.

Earlier this week I showed you how by harnessing the understanding of physics, in particular, Newton’s Third law of motion, gymnasts can perform their incredible twists (The physics of Twisting).

In 2017, Georgia Tech was picked to lead the million National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies.

“The upstream and downstream processing modules will have hands-on training components which will benefit our students who rarely see biomanufacturing operations in a traditional university lab setting,” said David Blum, a co-principal investigator of this project and an associate research scientist and director of the Bioexpression and Fermentation Facility at UGA.

Blum will work with colleagues in UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine Educational Resources group and its Institute for International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences.

Today I want to talk about water resistance in relation to Olympic Swimmers.

Water resistance goes up as the surface area of a submerged body increases.

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