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, comparative education, early childhood education, adult education, teachers' training, vocational education, educational technology, educational administration and management, curriculum development, education policies and management etc.The evolutionary success of angiosperms is largely due to the invention of the seed, a development that offered a major advantage for survival and dispersal of species.We also present the two- and three-dimensional shapes of all the solutions obtained in this study.We further give the physical meaning of all the obtained solutions.

Second, if articles pass the editorial screening, they will undergo rigorous peer review by anonymised referees (double blind review).

The journal's authorship is therefore not restricted to any discipline, but it is restricted in terms of quality and subject matter-articles are accepted based on merit, and their focus on the intersection of human activity (at whatever level of analysis) and energy systems (at whatever level of analysis).

The editors emphasize that cross cultural, comparative, mixed-methods research is especially encouraged, and discourage submission of single-country case studies and/or studies that rely only on one method in isolation.

Therefore, seed germination (defined as radicle protrusion), as well as early seedling growth, is entirely heterotrophic, relying on respiratory metabolism.

The oxidation of carbon reserves (starch, lipids, proteins) accumulated during seed maturation provides the energy required for germination, emergence, and development of the seedling until transition to autotrophy.

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  1. Potential supervisors use research proposals to assess the quality and originality of your ideas; your skills in critical thinking; and the feasibility of the research project.