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The members of the Huntington School Board are elected by the residents of the community to manage and oversee all aspects of the district’s educational program, personnel, properties and financial affairs.

Trustees serve three year terms without any form of compensation.

Jennifer Hebert was re-elected in May 2017 to serve her third three-year term on the Huntington School Board.

Her fellow trustees elected her as president of the Board of Education in each of the past two years after she previously served as vice president for four years.

Members develop an annual budget and submit the proposal to voters for approval.

They appoint administrators to conduct the day-to-day affairs of the district, faculty to provide instruction and support staff to ensure the smooth operation of the school system.

A longtime attendee of Huntington School Board meetings, forums and conferences, Mrs.

Biernacki has become well versed in many education issues.

Trustees voted unanimously at their January 7 public meeting to approve the plan, which will have school begin on Wednesday, September 4 and finish on Friday, June 26, 2020.He is currently the director of sales for a Long Island based firm that provides the federal government with products and solutions. Di Giacomo and his wife, Nancy are the parents of a son in his sophomore year at St. Prior to his election as a trustee, he has regularly attended Huntington School Board meetings, served as an active PTA member and co-chaired the district’s Shared Decision-Making Committee. Di Giacomo strives to utilize his background in business and technology solutions, along with a balanced approach to problem solving, to contribute to making the district the finest it can be.The Di Giacomo family has deep roots in the community. Di Giacomo’s father, Al, was a member of Huntington High School’s Class of 1941.Huntington School Board members honored retiring faculty and staff members along with fellow Trustee Bari Fehrs during a touching reception and at a later public meeting this past Monday night.Taken together, the group has combined to provide hundreds of years of service to the district and its students.She is a longtime volunteer in the Huntington School District, including serving as the PTA Council’s president. She served president of the Huntington Sanctuary Project’s advisory board. Biernacki and her husband offered their house as a host home for Sanctuary, opening their doors to runaway youth so that the families could participate in mediation to resolve their issues and bring the youngster home. Biernacki has also served as president of the Town of Huntington’s Youth Bureau Board.She was recognized for her work with runaway and homeless youth by the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus and the Empire State Coalition of Youth and Family Services.Al Di Giacomo was the architect that designed the replacement for Roosevelt School on Lowndes Avenue.The new building was eventually named Huntington Elementary School and today serves the district as Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School. Di Giacomo has been a member of the district’s audit and policy committees.She has advocated for reforms in school aid, teacher evaluation and special education, among other areas.She comes from a family filled with educators and strives to work in a manner that will honor that tradition.

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