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Come to think of it, that tactic didn’t always work out in high school either – which is why I showed up completely out of breath and wearing cargo shorts to an honors society ceremony during my senior year. In this post, I’ll show you how I used it as a student, as well as how I use it today.

If you’re using a different calendar app, most of this will still work for you (calendar apps aren’t too terribly unique), so no worries.

By making sure this happens every morning, I don’t run into any surprises.

For the most part, the types of events that go on my calendar these days fall into one of four categories: Before I wrap this article up, I want to go over some extra tools that can help augment Google Calendar (or whatever calendar you’re using).

As such, I took great care to make it easy to use, and one of my main techniques for doing that was splitting my life into different components and creating individual calendars for each.

Since my days are full of long stretches of unstructured time, it would be very easy for me to wake up, assume I have nothing scheduled, and dive into editing a video for six hours – only to realize later that I’ve missed a meeting.

For that reason, one of the first tasks of my morning routine is to check my calendar.

When I started college, I quickly discovered that my calendar would be one of the most important tools aiding me in my quest to not completely fail at life.

In addition to classes, I also needed to keep tabs on my part-time jobs, clubs, events, meetings – and my high-school tactic, which was simply saying,…wasn’t going to cut it anymore. To avoid repeating that fate, I had to figure out how to use Google Calendar – my calendar app of choice – an integral part of my life.

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