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In addition to the issues below, Viper’s terms of service make it so that they take all essays submitted through it and post them on essay mill sites, often without authors knowing. It is the time of year when term papers are coming due and students are worrying more than ever about being accused of plagiarism.It’s the busy season for plagiarism detection services both for teachers and for students and, as is typical, I get asked my opinions on them.However, it should still come back as 100% plagiarized.Unfortunately, I never got results from this article.

One of the biggest being its ability to match against a local database, the Web or both.Unfortunately, after letting Viper chew on the file for some time, it came up with nothing but a few short quotes, each a few words long, that were coincidence or properly cited.Though the work is a perfect “plagiarism”, Viper found only minor and incidental matching, all if it less than a few percent.Once you’ve done that, you simply select the file or files you want to check for plagiarism and send Viper on its way.Viper, after some processing, will come back with the results.The only question is whether the problems were glitches caused by a temporary problems or something more chronic with the program.The idea behind VIper is that you download the small application, less than 1MB, and register for an account with the service.However, since it was requested I decided to put the application through a few of my paces.Unfortunately, the results were less than spectacular and, truth be told the application fell almost completely flat.One email recently asked me my thoughts on the Viper Anti-Plagiarism Scanner, a free application and service provided by Scan My Essay.I’ve been familiar with the service for a while but never bothered to test it.

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