Satire In A Modest Proposal Essay How To Submit An Assignment On Blackboard

This relationship causes Ireland to be very dependent on England.

The reader must dig a little deeper to find the audience Swift was writing for.

Jonathan Swift's masterful satire, "A Modest Proposal," [mockingly!

He wants to show the upper class that they need to find a solution to all of the poverty and he does this by criticizing them.

He does not do this directly, but he sometimes lets his true feeling show through. He satirically explains that nothing needs to be done for them “because it is very well known that they are every day dying and rotting by cold and famine, and filth and vermin, as fast as can be reasonably expected” (Swift).

In A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift has one very obvious purpose.

His purpose in writing his essay was to address the issues of poverty in Ireland during the time period.

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