Satire Essay Example

So, one approach has always been to start with comedy.

By laughing at something, we can acknowledge its reality while denying it power over our emotions.

Satire also gets people to pay attention to social issues when they might otherwise ignore them.

People may pick up a satirical book or watch a satirical movie hoping to be entertained, but end up thinking about issues and perspectives they never thought of before.

The concept of satire is very close to that of verbal irony, or saying the opposite of what you mean.

It’s extremely common for satirists to use verbal irony or sarcasm to make their point.

This is the strongest type of satire as it attacks a single target in a vicious way.

The most common form of this satire is political satire, which attacks politicians and pundits.

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For many people, the injustices and problems in their society are too big to confront directly – it’s hard to know where we would even start!

Although irony is often a part of satire, however, it is not a necessity – think of John Oliver, whose fake news program is similar in many ways to Colbert’s.

Oliver is also performing political satire, but he uses dry humor rather than verbal irony.

But many fans either ignored the satire or didn’t notice it at all.

Today, the games are typically played “straight” as if they were not satire at all.

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