Sat Essay Subscore

While the scores are numerous, they're also helpful.

They put your results under the microscope and give you detailed feedback about your performance.

This guide will demystify all these test scores, cross-test scores, and subscores so you can make the most out of your SAT score report.

Let’s start with a glossary to help you keep track of all the different score types.

First, we’ll consider the three skill areas in Math, followed by the four skill areas in Evidence-based Reading and Writing. These math questions ask you to solve linear equation and linear inequalities, interpret linear functions, and solve linear equation, inequality, or function word problems. These math questions ask you to calculate rates, ratios, and percentages, interpret scatterplots and tables, and draw conclusions from collections of data. These questions ask you to solve quadratic equations, interpret nonlinear expressions, interpret nonlinear equation graphs, solve operations with polynomials, and solve quadratic and exponential word problems. These (typically Writing) questions ask you to make word choice or structural changes to improve a passage’s organization or impact.

In both sections, they might ask about the relationship between a passage and its accompanying informational graphic.These sample questions from Reading are all considered to test your Analysis in History/Social Studies skills.You can find more examples by taking a look at the scoring guides to College Board’s free official SAT practice tests.From Evidence-based Reading and Writing: Command of Evidence, Words in Context, Expression of Ideas, and Standard English Conventions.From Math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.In Evidence-based Reading and Writing, your subscores will measure Expression of Ideas, Standard English Conventions, Words in Context, and Command of Evidence.Of course, you’re not expected to know automatically which questions fall into which skill areas. You can also check out our more detailed guides with sample questions for each section and skill area.In reading, Analysis in History/Social or Analysis in Science questions tend to be those based on History/Social Studies or Science passages, respectively.The same goes for the questions in Writing and Language.College Board categorizes questions into certain skill areas.The two skill areas that you need to know about to understand cross-test scores are called Analysis in History/Social Studies and Analysis in Science.

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