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The SAT changed in 2016, so you really don’t want to accidentally study for a test that isn’t even given anymore!

Things to Love , compared to the previous 2018 version.

The two new passages were written in 20, while the older essay prompt readings were from the early-to-mid 20th century.

Things to Love Takeaway A good book for most students.

Focus on how the author uses evidence, reasoning, and other techniques to make the writing convincing, persuasive, and powerful.

When you receive your SAT scores, you will receive three scores for the SAT Essay, each on a total scale of 2 to 8.

The SAT consists of tests in Reading, Writing and Language, and Math – plus an optional Essay. The SAT Essay provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your reading, analysis, and writing skills, which are fundamental to demonstrating college and career readiness.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy the book, but it might mean that you won’t use the book in its entirety.

In combination with a few other resources, though (namely, the Official Guide), it’s a great resource for students aiming for top math scores.

How the Current Edition Compares to the Previous One This book hasn’t been updated since 2015, but it really are minimal.

The truly big change here is the 8 practice tests: two of the practice exams are brand new, while the other 6 also appeared in the 2018 SAT OG.

Things to Love Takeaway In sum, you don’t need to buy this book.

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