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The results presented in my third essay show that companies audited by non-Big4 auditors are less comparable than the companies audited by Big4 auditors.Non-Big4 auditors are thus less likely to be able to apply the same audit process to multiple clients.I find that this results in greater audit effort, as proxied by higher audit fees, for Non-Big4 firms. URI: C/1.0/This Item is protected by copyright and/or related rights.You are free to use this Item in any way that is permitted by the copyright and related rights legislation that applies to your use.The creation of these laws generally follows three steps: In Step (2), regulators attempt to bring those externalities into the organization.

Some provisions are simply too much for organizations to implement, others are just poorly worded.For other uses you need to obtain permission from the rights-holder(s).It's been said that all business-to-business sales are motivated by either fear or greed.But the adverse effects of privacy loss are borne more by those whose privacy has been breached.In economics, this is known as an "externality"; an effect of an organizational decision that don't affect the organization.The consequence has been ruinous and society has required ordinance to keep corruptness.In 2002, the USA senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Mike Oxley sponsored the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act.Traditionally, security products and services have been a fear sell: fear of burglars, murders, kidnappers, and -- more recently -- hackers.Despite repeated attempts by the computer security industry to position itself as a greed sell -- "better Internet security will make your company more profitable because you can better manage your risks" -- fear remains the primary motivator for the purchase of network security products and services.It is by and large called the Sarbanes-Oxley ( SOX ) Act and was put in topographic point in order to modulate the answerability of fiscal studies and prevent hazards happening However, the deployment of SOX conformity costs a batch of money, resources and attempts.It non merely affects the finance section, but besides the information engineering ( IT ) section.

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