Sample Career Research Paper

Ill be able to manage the processes of coordination of documents, financial planning of investments, organizing of projections, etc. After my studies Ill have skills of management, good communicative, organizational and management skills as well.

These courses will merge my theoretical base into a functional platform for the practice of financial planning and investment.

The recent decision I have made affecting my job is to choose a career in Finance, namely, to become a Financial Analyst.

It was quite a difficult process when I had to choose the aim and determine the way I need to act for realization of my aim.

The analysis of economical indexes, preparation of analytical documentation will also help me in my future career.

Ill be able to plan the manufacture processes, to calculate the advantages and financial risks.

The career in finance sector proposes you a wide variety of choice and more than sixty job fields, thats why it was very important to bring into correlation my skills and interests with numerous Finance proposals.I realized the necessity of choosing a career and understood what exactly I had to decide.With regard to my recent self assessment tests, I realized the importance of my future career opportunities.When I have to prepare a financial plan, Ill need to advise the most preferable variant for companys future investments.Export Marketing Strategies course will teach the specifics of international trade that will be an additional plus in my future career.Taking into account the recommendations of Self Assessment tests, career in Finance will be the most preferable for me. (medicine, education, research, finance, etc.) Visit //(login = Centennial and password = campus1). I prefer a career that will require both strong managerial skills, boundless opportunities for advancement and will allow me to unveil my potential with reference to Finance.Unfortunately, I am too young to come to a job-related decision that will be taken once and for all. this Career Implications of choosing this career Satisfies/Does Not Satisfy My Career Values and Why CAREER GOAL Choose ONE Career. In my opinion, the career of Financial Analyst could give me the best fit.Although the majority of companies do not require a specific field of study, I plan to choose another two marketing courses to enhance my career advancement.I will choose the course of Export Marketing Strategies and Marketing Research.It will help me to be more professional in import and export transactions to work for both local and international offices of my future employee.The skills in international trade will help me in development of business and investment plans.

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