Sample Business Plans For Startups

The Business Plan Builder does all the math for you.

The interactive calculators make it a quick and simple to gather your business financials.

By answering various questions about your product or service, its location, the employees, and how you plan on selling it; a detailed profile of your business is generated, including your sales & marketing strategies; your customers & competition; and the money you will spend and make year over year.

Business is about numbers, but not everyone is a financial whiz.

We understand the fact that writing a business plan from scratch can be a herculean task and hiring a business plan consultant to prepare a business plan is a NO-NO as most startups are usually operating on a shoestring budget.

It's tough because you must do a lot of estimating.Business Financials Potential investors and lenders expect you to provide them with all the financial information they need to decide whether to fund your business, including: accurate revenues, balance sheets, cash flow analyses, and income statements.The Business Plan Builder covers these essentials, and more.The Business Plan Builder eliminates the need to hire an expensive professional.Not only will you be able to develop your business plan but you will have expert guidance along the way and a dedicated business plan expert who will review your completed business plan and provide feedback and recommendations.Are you about writing a business plan to start your own business and you need templates?If YES, here are 1000 FREE sample business plans for startups based on industry and sector.The Builder is equipped with several interactive tables that allow you to simply punch in a few numbers and automatically have the calculations done for you.No need to worry about having the right formula, they're all built in to the tool.The other statements - the break-even analysis and the cash flow statement - are good to have, but if you run out of time, you can provide these later.Depending on what you are selling, your lender may require these statements, so it might be good to have them ready.

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