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A biography covers the entire life of a notable person and takes the reader into the world the subject lives or lived in.

I believe that there is no limit to a person’s potential.I just felt so good doing it, that I knew being a veterinarian would be the most fulfilling job ever.I have loved animals since I was young, so I believe I always had it in me.Remember that biographies could be short or book-length.The short biographies focus on one period of time or on a major accomplishment of the subject.Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me until the day I discovered my vocation.This was not some momentous event that changed my whole life.Thus, I determined the grades that I would need to get into the school that I wanted to attend, and the amount of money I would be required to pay for my living expenses and classes.After this, I worked with everything I had to achieve these goals.At first, he is very sad and lonely, and he fears that he will not survive. They provide him with food, and he makes his own clothes from their skins. He also builds a house for himself from grass, leaves, and goat skins. He names this man Friday, and they become trusted friends.Finally, after 28 years, a ship finds them, and the two men go back to England.

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