Sample Agricultural Business Plan

A business plan is made up of a: business strategy, marketing plan, production plan, human resources plan, financial plan, and considers social responsibility.

There is also information on business and financial planning tools available to you, as well as information on the standards and schemes that you must comply with.Once you have assessed your farming business and its success, you may consider making changes to the way your farm operates.Your decisions - and those of potential lenders - will be based on the financial figures you have drawn up for your business.Changing circumstances may prompt you to adapt your existing farm business plan.If you are looking for a new source of funding - eg through the Rural Development Programme for England - you may need to consider adapting the way your farm is run.There are several steps to this process: You should try to write down as much information as possible as this will help you to develop your plan and share your ideas with others.At each stage, take time to ensure you have included every possibility.To make the best use of the booklet, it will help to have a copy of your latest farm accounts.Download ’s guide to ‘Figures for a Farming Future – Part I: Using the farm accounts to point the way’ (PDF, 276K).Even if your current farm business plan is successful, you should always consider reviewing it for possible growth opportunities and improvements to farming operations.For more information on growth opportunities and changing farming operations, see the guides on ideas and funding for diversification and ideas and funding for diversification.

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