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The two brothers show contrasting beliefs, principles, and consequently, values.Biff, the elder son does not care much about publicity and fame built on daydreams, but rather wants to embrace and face the real situation, unlike Willy-his father and his brother Happy.

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However, his elder son does not emulate him, he realizes that the dream is a fallacy and chooses his own unbeaten path.Willy believes that he could one day set up a big business of his own.Later in the night, Willy starts speaking with imaginary faces.His father thinks that he could be a very successful person if only he stopped wasting his talents and gets on track.Bill spites his father for his dreams, something Willy believes to be too wish-washy.This wakes up everyone in the house and they discover that something was wrong with their father.Biff thinks that the best he would do is to stay back home, fix his relationship with Willy by taking up a loan from his former employer, Bill Oliver, and start a business.I will discuss how he plays the American parent who wants to manipulate and model his sons to become just like him and follow his ways as is the case in many societal settings, like for example, many join the army simply because their father’s lineage has been in the army since way back in the days of the Civil War.It will also show a different character in his son who breaks out of the tyranny and mediocre thinking to embrace the real world and live his own course.Arthur Miller wrote the play in 1949 and after its premier on Broadway, the play went on to bag the playwright numerous awards.Until today, the play is always considered as one of the greatest American plays and ranked among classics.

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