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Both methods have some advantages, but they also cause additional problems and impact our environment in a negative way.The increasing quantity of rubbish requiring to be disposed of can be linked directly to the major changes in lifestyle and culture within the country.It’s a complaint that has been registered by the millions who have made Bali, which has struggled to cope with Islamic militants and resort developers alike, an annual holiday destination. Last month, officials said that 50 tons of trash had washed up each day for five days.Even the legendary surfer Kelly Slater warned in 2012 that surfing, a big money spinner for the locals, could soon be impossible unless the island was cleaned-up properly. In response, a quaintly-worded banner was erected on Kuta beach, reading: “We do apologise for this inconvenience, your visit [was] interrupted by natural phenomenon in the form of annual waste of west wind impact.” In fact, seasoned observers know this is far from a “natural phenomenon.” Rather, it is a manifestation of the impact of excessive commercialization and the lack of attention to environmental protection in Bali.Manufacturers could easily design reusable packaging, or incentivize consumers to dispose of it in a controlled manner.

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Mending or repairing everyday objects are no longer common activities, and in fact, manufacturers design many products in a way that it is now no longer feasible or economically viable to repair them.Plastic bags and grocery sacks, motor oil bottles, household cleaners and butter tubs. Write about the following topic: Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. The problem of rubbish is not a new phenomenon; however, the quantity now being produced is cause for concern.Part of this is due to the fact that we are now more enlightened as to how we dispose of rubbish and the effects it has on the environment.Traditionally in the UK, landfill sites and incineration plants have been the two most widely used methods of eliminating rubbish.If food scraps are left lying around in the house or on the ground, particularly in warm, damp weather, it will rot and lots of germs will grow on it.If people, flies, cockroaches, rats or mice touch the rubbish they can get disease-causing germs on them.Yet it is far from clear whether these moves will be enough given that such steps are long overdue.To be sure, Bali is far from the only example of this problem at play in Southeast Asia.Below is a list of the diseases which people can get as a result of inadequate rubbish and pest control.The dark side of Southeast Asia’s insatiable appetite for consumerism has manifested itself in several environmental tragedies in the subregion, be it the annual haze problem, disappearing forests and wildlife, and polluted rivers.

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