Romeo And Juliet Essay About Love And Conflict Faire Introduction Dissertation

The other act that explores A scene that highlights the idea inevitability of fate is the fight scene illustrating that the natural tendencies of violence overcome Romeo’s love and happiness.

In Act 3, Scene 1 the fight amongst Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio are met by the Capulet and ask for Romeo who is not there at the time.

Tybalt shows hatred for his anger of the Montague’s.

As Tybalt and his uncle Capulet are still disagreeing about Romeo existence at the ballroom, Tybalt uses harsh hatred in his argument “it fits when such a villain is guest I’ll not endure him” this quote is describing Romeo as a villain and Tybalt will not tolerate him.

At this stage this act has truly shown the idea of inevitability of fate.

When Romeo tries to break up the fight Tybalt reaches under Romeos’ arm and stabs Mercutio, with his dyeing words, Mercutio morns “A plague o’ both your houses!A scene that explores the idea of how violence, prejudice and hatred interfere with the ability for the main characters of Romeo and Juliet is Act 1, Scene 5, The Ballroom Scene.Violence, prejudice and hatred is shown mostly in this scene by Tybalt anger for the Montague’s.Just as Romeo saw Juliet and he was amazed by her beauty, Tybalt saw Romeo in anger an, prejudice was introduced by the words of “Come hither, covered with an antic face, to fleer and scorn at our solemnity?” This quote made me feel that Tybalt dislikes Romeo and Tybalt believes Romeo is there to ruin the Capulet celebration, also Tybalt is trying to show family honour.” Consequently, Tybalt’s prejudice systematically puts a obstacle in the way of Romeo’s natural love for Juliet.This is linked to the theme of the Individual vs Society.Romeo and Juliet Love Essay In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, violence, prejudice and hatred interfere with love and happiness.This is brought about through as love as a cause of violence, the conflict between this individual and society and the idea of fate this shown in the ballroom scene and the fight scene.This uses the Shakespearian language technique of oxymoron’s with fleer and scorn.Also in Act 1, Scene 5 prejudice is also explored through the dialogue between Lord Capulet and Tybalt.

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