Romeo And Juliet Conflict Essay Act 3 Scene 1

However, Tybalt seeks revenge against Romeo because a Montague appeared at a Capulet feast.

His separation echoes the balcony scene where he said "Call me but love…Henceforth I never will be Romeo".Romeo's refusal to fight when Tybalt challenges him shows his separation from the typical modes of interaction between men at this time. The Nurse arrives and in her grief, misleads Juliet into thinking that Romeo has been killed.This highlights his abandonment of traditional masculinity and a departure from the temporal and divisive perspective of the feud. The Nurse then begins to talk about Tybalt’s death, and Juliet briefly fears that both Romeo and Tybalt are dead.Benvolio urges Romeo to run; a group of citizens outraged at the recurring street fights starts approaching.Romeo, shocked at what has been done, cries “O, I am fortune’s fool! Romeo is forced to flee a mob of citizens as the Prince, Montague, and Capulet arrive.A considerable sense of impending doom hangs in the atmosphere.Although she is unaware of the tragic news that awaits her, Juliet's soliloquy fantasizing about her wedding night creates tragic imagery.Shakespeare interestingly links intensity of young love with a suicidal impulse.Though love is generally the opposite of violence, and death, he portrays self-annihilation as the only response to the emotional experience that being young and in love constitutes.Important Quotes: "I pray thee, good Mercutio, let’s retire. When the story is set straight and Juliet understands that Romeo has killed Tybalt and been sentenced to exile, she curses nature for what has happened.The day is hot; the Capulets, abroad; And if we meet we shall not ’scape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring." - Benvolio "O calm dishonourable, vile submission! The Nurse curses Romeo’s name, but Juliet denounces her for criticizing her new husband.

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