Romeo And Juliet Assignment Essay Water Is Precious

We notice how calm and mature Juliet is in facing her mother and how much she has changed from the sweet girl we met at the beginning of this play.But the news from Lady Capulet of Juliet to “marry… shall happily make thee there a joyful bride” is the beginning of cataclysm within this scene.She cannot go through with this marriage as she has wedded married Romeo and consummated it. He mentions “my fingers itch” but does not actually hit Juliet.

It reveals to the audience a lot about the morals and values of the characters; Juliet changes completely in this scene.This novel has inspired an innumerable amount of plays, musicals, films, paintings etc, and continues to inspire many more.We have studied two versions of the film, the Franco Zeffirelli version (1968) which contains a setting back in time into the Elizabethan era, with the Elizabethan style clothes and houses, and the Baz Luhrman version (1997) which contains a more modern setting, with modern clothes and houses, but also with a futuristic feel.The shock and despondency of this news is clearly stated within her dialogue, “Now, by Saint Peter’s Church and Peter too, he shall not make me there a joyful bride”. Even the sounds and alliteration in “mistress minion” reflect his contempt and anger.The repetition of her mothers words emphasise the rhythm of the dialogue and reflects her defiance and loyalty to Romeo. In the two films, Capulet anger is defied visually as he uses physical abuse on his daughter; but this is not in the actual play.Her talk as the audience would known is the grieving of Romeos departure She also plays with the words as she speaks to her mother, “Ay madam, from the reach of these my hands”.Her reaching of hands is to hold Romeo, while her mother would imagine it is to strangle and kill him.The sense of foreboding and dread comes into being.It is a reminder that these two lovers are star-crossed lovers, and that they are ill fated as told in the prologue.No longer do we see the sweet, naive, obedient girl who respects and obeys her parents, we perceive a strong, tough young woman who has alienated herself from the only adults she knew and is willing to die than obey them.The scene begins with the morning after Romeo and Juliet have spent their one and only night together; their marriage consummated and the audience very conscious of this act.

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