Role Of Project Manager Essay

Project managers must have the organizational planning skills to effectively utilize limited resources, the communication skills to listen and identify potential problems, the leadership skills to seize the initiative and set the example, and have the team building skills to motivate the team towards a common goal with the resolve to see the project through to completion.

The successful project manager must also be adaptive to change and be technical and tactically proficient.

Morales Robert Morris University , PMP 575 The text “What it takes to be a good project manager” analyses two approaches to the prerequisites of effective project management. In fact, Posner suggests the idea that these approaches are interconnected and hence the primary successful PM’s characteristics are those that would help PM the most to overcome the basic problems facing his/her activities.

Posner, makes an original parallel between the primary personal characteristics of successful project managers (PM) and the basic problems facing such a position.

Problems 1, 2, & 3 are most likely caused by the lack of project planning and clarity by upper management prior to project start up which immediately causes issues.

All three of these issues could have been resolved by better top down communication and commitment to the project.

The rest of the problems are related to the project managers skills: Team members Uncommitted (Team Building Skills), Insufficient planning (Organizational Skills), Changes in goals and resources (Coping Skills) and Conflicts between departments or functions (Communication and Leadership Skills).

In contrast, project management can be defined as the process of controlling the achievement of the project objectives.

Utilising the existing organisational structures and resources, it seeks to manage the project by applying a collection of tools and techniques, without adversely disturbing the routine operation of the company (See, for example, Kerzner3).

If we take into account the evolution in information technology and globalization the skills required for successful project management may be slightly different today.

As I stated in my answer to question 5, the chapter and the results of the PM skill survey really undermine the importance of Leadership and Team Building Skills as they relate to project success.

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