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Obedience to parents, respect for teachers, sympathy for the poor, love for all and malice towards none should be their chief moral ideals.

They should be refined in their taste, sweet in their speech and polite in their behavior.

They should create in them a spirit of social service. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.

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To play their role properly in modern India we should teach the youth of our country to make themselves disciplined. youths are the leaders of tomorrow and as such a nation depends on their ability to mentally and physically prepare themselves for becoming a trustworthy and reliable leader of their nation. Naidu, Chief Engineer (coordination), SWR, spoke on the contribution made by Sir M. Life insurance mobilizes and promotes saving in the country.They may preach ideas of secularism in the country.By leading an ideal simple life they may lead literate.Mere preaching and teaching in incomplete and insufficient. The teaching should make the students enable to shoulder the responsibility of national reconstruction. They should improve their healthy from the very beginning. To keep themselves strong, they should take a keen interest in games and sports and different forms of physical exercises. He is unable to do anything for the good of his country or to himself.By inspiring high ideals among the masses the students can make the nation great. Students should give to bad habits like smoking, gambling and aimless wandering.In emergencies, they may do a lot in controlling floods etc.we can mobilize student power to preach communal harmony.They should devote a greater part of their time to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.They should play for them to learn and to prepare themselves for future responsibilities in life.

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