Robert Smithson Central Park Essay Financials In A Business Plan

This proposal came two weeks before the legislature was to approve the undertaking of the Jones Wood estate and led to a “three year battle over whether, where, and at whose expense New York would create its grand public park(Rosenzweig and Blackmar 43).” A “central park” would offer economic as well as cultural advantages over the one sided Jones Wood estate.

Newspapers were full of debates on which park better suited the needs of the people.

Also, the methods used by the city to evict them were inhumane. The residents left their home without any violence.

The next important task, to survey the land and estimate the amount of capital that would go into developing that land, was handed over to a commission.

But as was this park getting close to a reality, huge questions were raised about it.

First of all the location of the park was questioned.

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