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by Richard Rodriguez depicts the struggle of a man who now in his thirties realizes the primary reason for his success in his academics was that he was constantly reminded that his schooling was changing him and separating him from his family and personal life, before becoming a student.

Rodriguez defines the type of student he considers to be when describing his encounter with Richard Hoggart's he found a description of a "scholarship boy".

I can connect so strongly with Rodriguez in this part of his life because I also seem to be isolated from my family in certain academic areas.

My mom has always tried to make me have a better education than she ever got close to having.

He used to find pleasure that he was able to come home and correct their grammar; he would begin his claim against his parents with “My teacher told us…” (Rodriguez, 519).

He defines his type of student to being a “scholarship boy” which he seems to define as a type of “student” not “son”.

He describes in his essay how this scholarship boy “cannot afford to admire his parents”; he seems to have embarrassment towards their lack of education.

With this quote Rodriguez portrays his feelings of neglect, disregard, and alienation from his family because of the rejection of his passion for reading or just for not being able to accept him for his hunger for education.

Rodriguez discussed his passion and true desire to succeed beyond any limitations his Mexican heritage or parents attempt at higher education.

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