Rice Essay

This family is the baseline foundation of human nutrition. Within nutrisional basic food pyramid, rice is part of the breads, cereal, rice and pasta family.She still describes eating American style meatloaf with Japanese steamed rice. My Grandma’s ways still live on in our family as we cannot eat meatloaf without rice, no potatoes allowed. I 1960s, panting of rice was done by peasant farmers in small areas produced unpretentious amount of rice.

It was the unspoken rule that rice was served at least once a day and that no rice was left in the bowl as that would bring bad luck.She would them steam the rice on the stove, vigilantly regulating the heat to make sure that not one kernel of rice burned or was undercooked.I would watch as she would “Lower the heat and simmer the rice for about 20 minutes or until the rice has soaked up all the water” (Mc Culloch 32).Wile in the past central Thailand was the major source of production that resulted to emergence of many rice businesses, nrtheast Thailand joined as the result of the construction of new roads that connected the in the coastline with northeast Thailand.I that past, cws were being used for irrigation but this has been replaced with farm tractors and irrigation technology resulting to more production nationally (Nirmal, 2008).Ater Thailand changed to a democratic government, sveral organizations rioted in the streets including the farmers.Frmers were demanding that Thai prime minister should reduce their debt and also enhance proper prices for rice Rice production in Thailand has greatly impacted on the country’s economy.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.Ariculture was the main source of livelihood in Thailand hence most of the people worked on farms.De to the availability of vast amount of land for cultivation and government imposing policy of land and clearing, potection of peasant rights in the agriculture sector rose.

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