Review Of Literature On Marketing Strategies

These carriers can transmit the viral marketing message in active and passive ways.Active transmission of a viral marketing message involves carriers to be spreading the message in active ways, such as making direct recommendations via internet.

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Mackay and Willmshurst (2012) offer a detailed comparison of such a nature that is illustrated on the following table: Comparison of marketing methods Source: Mackay and Willmshurst (2012) Generally instruments employed for viral marketing have been found to include customer recommendations, newsletters, utilisation of search engines, the use of affiliation programs, the use of online chats and sweepstakes, maintaining online communities and others (Beneke, 2010, Schneider, 2011).According to Middleton (2012), viral marketing can prove to be highly effective in following circumstances: Firstly, viral marketing works well for new type of products and services that are innovative in some ways.Specifically, the innovative feature of the new product or service can serve as a powerful marketing message with the potential of going viral.The issue of marketing mix for viral marketing has been comprehensively addressed by secondary data authors in the following manner: element of marketing mix includes products that are sold over the internet.According to Anjum (2011), until only a few years ago the rages of products sold online were mainly limited to books, gadgets and other tangible products of smaller sizes.In these situations the costs of viral marketing is going to be limited to the compensation provided to company marketing staff.Direct costs for viral marketing, on the other hand, may be incurred when the implementation of viral marketing strategy is being facilitated with the inclusion of incentives for internet users for the spread of viral messages (Anjum, 2011).Secondly, the potential benefits of viral marketing are further increased when the benefits associated with the use of products or services are real.Similarly to the point above, Middleton (2012) argues, specific benefits associated with the use of product or service has the potential of being an effective viral marketing message.element of marketing mix in viral marketing is different form price element in traditional marketing mix in a number of ways.For example, in viral marketing, some products such as e-books or downloadable software products might be provided free of charge in order to motivate individuals to spread the viral marketing message (Anjum, 2011).

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