Review Of Literature In Nursing Research Ppt

You will need to search the cognate literature before claiming there is “little previous research” on your topic.Well developed literature reviews involve numerous steps and activities.The literature review is an iterative process because you will do at least two of them: a preliminary search to learn what has been published in your area and whether there is sufficient support in the literature for moving ahead with your subject.After this first exploration, you will conduct a deeper dive into the literature to learn everything you can about the topic and its related issues.Guided by an understanding of basic issues rather than a research methodology.You are looking for key factors, concepts or variables and the presumed relationship between them.A good literature review lays the foundation for the importance of your stated problem and research question.

The included citations are open access, Creative Commons licensed or copyright-restricted.

Additionally, you may review the literature of different disciplines to find deeper meaning and understanding of your topic.

It is especially important to consider other disciplines when you do not find much on your topic in one discipline.

As a study of the research on a particular topic, it is arranged by key themes or findings, which may lead up to or link to the research question.

In some cases, the research question will drive the type of literature review that is undertaken.

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