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The Dickens Project is a worldwide consortium of leading universities and the ‘Universe’ attracts a wide range of leading scholars and postgraduate students in Victorian literature from the US, UK and Australia. In 2016, there will be an opportunity for a York postgraduate student to attend the conference, which will take place at the UCSC campus, 30 July-6 August 2016.The department will cover transport and accommodation costs.In recent years, students have applied for grants toward archival research, participation in conferences and advanced language study of the sort not offered at York.Preference will be given to more advanced students and to research trips over conference travel; and students will normally be eligible for only one grant per academic year.The award will be advertised by email to all MA and Ph D students.The Department also offers an award enabling one York postgraduate student to attend the Samuel Beckett Summer School in Dublin, with the support of the FR Leavis Fund, and in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.

There is no form or deadline, but students should provide a detailed description of the project, along with a precise estimate of costs, and should also arrange for their supervisor to send in a short letter of support.

The topic need not be directly related to Sterne or to the eighteenth century, but should demonstrate a connection with the interests of the Sterne Trust, which include, for instance, questions of Shandean narrative complexity in the verbal and/or visual arts up to the present day.

The INCS Essay Prize, originally established in 2003, was named the Richard Stein Essay Prize in 2017 in honor of Richard Stein, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon, for his role as a principal founder of INCS and for his long and crucial service to developing and nurturing our organization.

An annual prize of £50 will be awarded for the best essay by a research student aimed at publication.

The prize is named after Professor John Barrell who inspired its creation.

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