Revenge Essays Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff, you have nobody to love you:and, however miserable you make us, we stillhave the revenge of thinking that your crueltyarises from your greater misery!(Bronte 218)This union completed the journey of revenge for Heathcliff.The secondly type is that of Hareton and Catherine, this type of love is more of a true type of love.

The other half of the love theme is shown throught the actions of Hearton and Catherine.

The intertwineing of the ideas of revenge and love prove to give Heathcliff a distored vision of love and Cathy a need for such a love that only Heathcliff can give to her.

Where as Catherine and Hearton, the second generation, learn from the experiences of the earlier generation that lived at Wuthering Heights.

He refuses to allow the curate to continue Heathcliffs education and forces the still very young boy to work as a farm-hand.

Here is one of the first exaples of idea of revenge when Heathcliff says:“I dont care how long I wait , if I can only doe it , at last (Bronte 47).

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