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▪Master your job interview effectively ▪7 common mistakes you might be making on your resume (even as an experienced professional) Introduce yourself to the hiring manager and make a strong case why you are a good fit for the job.Mention your most relevant experience and qualifications and express your interest to work at their company in particular.The aim of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and provide specific evidence of what you bring to the company.It should contain how your expertise and skills can add value and are in line with the skill set required for the desired role.It is vital to do your research and invest time to get your cover letter right.Customize your cover letter so that it aligns with the job description for every position you are applying for.

▪9 smart answers to tough job interview questions ▪Avoiding the Wrong Career Path Dear [Name], I’m writing to express my interest in IT Project Manager position with XYZ Technology Co. I believe I could bring valuable skills and experience that would make me an ideal fit for this position.I thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from.A cover letter is one of the most important tools in job search and is often a first piece of communication with the potential employer.For example, Planned and managed project schedule and timeline for over 800 scheduled installations.If you lack any experience, emphasize on some of your transferable skills like creative thinking, problem solving skills, team work, and communication etc.Hiring managers scan hundreds of CVs and cover letters at a quick glance and a small error can ruin your chances of getting a potential interview.Hence, make sure to proof read your cover letter thoroughly and carefully to avoid any spelling or grammar errors.If it is a physical letter then make sure you use business letter format.Write the date and the contact information of the employer at the top of the well as provide evidence from projects, training, volunteer work, etc. A hiring manager can quickly tell if you have written a standard cover letter to suit every position you are applying for and this can significantly reduce your chances of landing an interview.Therefore, customize your letter to target each specific job by matching your qualifications and experience to it.

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