Results Of World War I Essay

The loss of a large proportion of the world’s young people, particularly men changed the way society operated with women more likely to perform tasks previously taken on by men.The horror of this war is still vivid in the minds of its victims and their families today, and appears to have been, in Western societies at least, a lesson of history which has been remembered and not repeated.Firstly, the decades following the end of the Second World War involved the gradual fall of the traditional great empires and the rise and spread of nation states that replaced the colonial territories throughout the world (Brower, 1989, pg 1).Unlike the First World War which was mainly fought in Western Europe, the Second World War was a truly global conflict.Children, particularly the very young, suffered loss of identity with no parents to claim them and no family connections.

There was a mass migration of Jews leading to the creation of Israel, which has had a profound effect on world politics and today is one potentially one of the most likely causes of future conflict.

During World War II the leaders of Liberal Democracy, the US, joined forces with the Communist Soviet Union, to break down the Fascist Regime.

When this was completed in line with the end of World War II, it left these two differentiated societies virtually competing against each other for world power.

This hope attracted many followers and allowed Hitler to carry out his plans to create a German Empire.

There were three major consequences of World War II.

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