Respiratory Paramedic Case Studies

FIGURE 5: VIEW THROUGH OPEN MOUTH Soft Palate Uvula Tonsil Tongue THE LARYNX Don't be lax about the larynx • • • • • Airway obstruction, often due to foreign bodies at this level Any mucosal swelling of larynx can cause airway obstruction The larynx is very vulnerable to direct trauma Trauma to the larynx is often associated with cervical spine injury Emergency airway can be obtained by inserting cannulae through the cricothyroid membrane ___________________________________________________________________________ OBHG Education Subcommittee 8 Disruption of normal laryngeal function or structure may lead to airway compromise. It lies anterior to the cervical vertebrae between C3 and C6, hence the common association of laryngeal and cervical fractures.

___________________________________________________________________________ OBHG Education Subcommittee 10 You must be able to reliably locate the space between the thyroid and cricoid cartilages. The epiglottis is a semi-rigid cartilaginous structure found immediately posterior to the base of the tongue. During oral-tracheal intubation, one must lift the epiglottis anteriorly in order to visualize the vocal cords.

These are the superior, middle and inferior turbinates.

Displacement of the turbinates is responsible for the unpleasant "crunching" noise often encountered in placement of a nasotracheal tube.

Its multiple perforations allow entry of the olfactory nerve fibres into the nose.

With facial or head trauma the cribiform plate may fracture allowing leakage of cerebrospinal fluid into the nose (CSF rhinorrhea).

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