Research Vs Opinion Paper Essay On Communal Violence In N Society

Victoria Reyes is a sociologist whose work examines how culture shapes global inequality.She is a postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan’s National Center for Institutional Diversity and an assistant professor of sociology at the University of California, Riverside.One of the things you should always do before submitting a paper is read articles published by the journal to which you are submitting to get a sense of the conversations being had in its pages and to find a model for your own work.Despite such idiosyncrasies, knowing a few things about the purposes and format of a journal article will help you get published. First, you want to trace previous work on the subject and set up the problem.The theoretical framework often gets a bad reputation in the peer-review process, because reviewer comments often make suggestions regarding the theoretical framing of a manuscript.

Your paper’s research question, data and methods, findings, and broader significance need to be original, clear and well integrated in discussions in the field.

One way to understand the purpose of the theoretical framework is to see it as leading your reader through gaps in the literature that your paper addresses. For example, you should incorporate any relevant foundational texts.

One of the things you see in general journals is that the theoretical framework is often divided into two sections, precisely because general journals want papers that speak to multiple audiences.

Reviewing previous work is necessary but not sufficient.

The purpose of this section goes beyond an accounting of what others have done. It also includes information that your reader needs to know in order to understand your argument.

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