Research Proposal Evaluation

Sarantakos (1998) relates the nature of Methodology to a theoretical and more abstract context, and perceives it in conjuction with distinctive, unidimensional, and mutually exclusive theoretical principles.

Methodologies offers the research principles which are related closely to a distinct paradigm translated clearly and accurately, down to guidelines on acceptable research practices.

They have attended even meetings to collect the data I think this is the place where they might have got a good data because this is a place where they can observe whether the managers and leaders are following cross-cultural practices or are they giving any importance to it or not.

Chevrier and her team was also present daily among the project groups particularly for project 1(for 2 project weeks) and project 2(for 2 ½ months), I think daily presence in a project group is important because generally people won’t behave same way in every time/day and also we can’t judge their behaviour on cross-cultural practices in a single day.

Proposals will be independently peer-reviewed by three international experts in assessment and/or applied linguistics.

The applications will then be reviewed by the British Council research team and the decision of the reviewers will be final.

This is mainly because other than these three project groups there are different types of multinational project groups in which they are directly related to the cross-cultural management which I think she should have taken into this research paper.

I think the Primary data obtained from the formal interviews with project leaders and project members will be useful to analyse the data in this research and this data is important because the members of the project groups are the one who will be following cross-cultural practices and they will be knowing whether these practices are useful or not .

In her research she has used participant observer as a data collection technique.

This research paper is pointing towards Multinational groups– but the project groups which she has chosen has only people who are from European countries and Brasil, it misses out people who are from Asia, Africa and Australia.

In this field work data is collected from Formal interviews, attendance to their meetings as a participant observer and informal discussions.

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