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Therefore, reliability and representativeness of data is undermined to a certain extent as well.On the positive side, thanks to adoption of interpretivism, qualitative research areas such as cross-cultural differences in organizations, issues of ethics, leadership and analysis of factors impacting leadership etc. Primary data generated via Interpretivism studies might be associated with a high level of validity because data in such studies tends to be trustworthy and honest.The most noteworthy variations of interpretivism include the following: In general interpretivist approach is based on the following beliefs: 1. This approach perceives reality as intersubjectively that is based on meanings and understandings on social and experiential levels. The basic differences between positivism and interpretivism are illustrated by Pizam and Mansfeld (2009) in the following manner: Main disadvantages associated with interpretivism relate to subjective nature of this approach and great room for bias on behalf of researcher.Primary data generated in interpretivist studies cannot be generalized since data is heavily impacted by personal viewpoint and values.In this kind of philosophical approach, scientists give their viewpoint to evaluate social world with the help of objectivity in place of subjectivity (Cooper and Schindler 2006). According to this paradigm, researchers are interested to collect general information and data from a large social sample instead of focusing details of research. According to this position, researcher’s own beliefs have no value to influence the research study. The positivism philosophical approach is mainly related with the observations and experiments to collect numeric data (Easter-by-Smith et al 2006).

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In this approach, researchers use small sample and evaluate them in detail to understand the views of large people (Kasi 2009). Generally, if you are following interpretivism research philosophy in your dissertation the depth of discussion of research philosophy depends on the level of your studies.For a dissertation at Bachelor’s level it suffices to specify that you are following Interpretivism approach and to describe the essence of this approach in a short paragraph.According to interpretivist approach, it is important for the researcher as a social actor to appreciate differences between people.[3] Moreover, interpretivism studies usually focus on meaning and may employ multiple methods in order to reflect different aspects of the issue.Interpretivist approach is based on naturalistic approach of data collection such as interviews and observations.Interpretivism, also known as interpretivist involves researchers to interpret elements of the study, thus interpretivism integrates human interest into a study.Accordingly, “interpretive researchers assume that access to reality (given or socially constructed) is only through social constructions such as language, consciousness, shared meanings, and instruments”.[1] Development of interpretivist philosophy is based on the critique of positivism in social sciences.There are mainly three type of paradigm to understand the reality, Positivism, Interpretivism and realism. Positivism: The concept of Positivism is directly associated with the idea of objectivism. A Treatise from Researchers to Researchers, 1st Edition. Research paradigm and philosophy comprises various factors such as individual’s mental model, his way of seeing thing, different perceptions, variety of beliefs towards reality, etc.This concept influences the beliefs and value of the researchers, so that he can provide valid arguments and terminology to give reliable results.

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