Research Papers On Womens Roles During World War Two Constantine And Christianity Essay

It was bombed and sunk by the Japanese and twelve nurses were drowned.Another group of 22 nurses, captured by the Japanese on the Indonesian island of Banka, were marched off the beach into shallow water and killed by machine gun fire.Women could do the technical jobs normally performed by men, freeing those men for combat.Each branch of the armed services formed their own auxiliary corps for women.Social science, as this article seeks to demonstrate, had a major hand in framing the public meanings of the shifting female life-course, and particularly in making sense of the phenomenon of married women’s work.Researchers such as Viola Klein, Pearl Jephcott, Judith Hubback, Ferdynand Zweig, Nancy Seear and Hannah Gavron produced a body of sociological writings on this subject in the 1950s and 1960s that had purchase beyond the confines of professional social science.These decades witnessed important developments affecting women across social classes: marriage became more or less universal and took place earlier, while families shrank in size and were completed in a shorter space of time.

Before the war, it was generally expected that a working man was the main provider for his family.

Women were recruited to many jobs which would previously have been considered too physically hard for them: welding, machine repair, operating tractors and other large engines. Many thought women would be incapable of these tasks: helps you understand the underlying message in a piece of text, a painting, a photograph, etc.

You need to be able to identify bias in every resource you use.

Perhaps most striking of all, and integrally linked to these wider trends, was the growth in the proportion of married women in paid work.

Between the wars, only 10 per cent of wives were formally employed outside the home; this had more than doubled by 1951, rose to 35 per cent in 1961 and stood at 49 per cent a decade later.

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